Covid Mask Use: Is it really effective?

Video Transcript

Do Cloth Masks Protect Against Covid-19?

Yeah, I’m glad you asked that. I’d rather demonstrate it, and let me explain.
So, a cloth mask like this, I’m going to put it on for you. It’s really not to protect you from getting it but in case you have it, you don’t transmit it. But I think there’s a lot of issues with a cloth mask. I think that it’s a good idea for us to wear but let me show you some of the pitfalls of it. So, what I see a lot of people doing and they actually have pictures of our politicians doing the wrong thing too but, so when you have the mask on, when you have it right. And this is what people are doing all the time. I see them constantly. They do this and it goes below the nose and over here and then they’re constantly fiddling with it. They’re touching it. And so, let’s say you have this and now the virus is on your mask okay. And so all of a sudden you’re fiddling with it, you’re touching and I see people doing this all the time, and then you know it goes below their nose and all of a sudden they touch their nose. And so, that’s the part that is a little concerning right. If you put it on and you don’t touch it that’s a really good way because it’s a barrier method so you won’t touch your nose and your mouth. But what I see people doing incessantly is they’re constantly fumbling with their hands like this. And then it gets below and then slips off and then they touch their nose and now that it’s become counterproductive. And that’s the issue that’s a little concerning for healthcare workers is that yeah, if you wear it, put it on and then don’t touch it again and then when you take it off, if it’s cloth you have to wash it immediately before you put it back on again. And then immediately after that you wash your hands. Does that make sense?

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