How to Limit the Risk of Contracting COVID-19​

The Surgeon General has described “social isolation” as one way to limit your risk. In addition, “home quarantine” is being recommended for stable patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Social isolation” is one way of decreasing risk among patients. In simple terms, it means to control the people you come in contact with. Enjoy time with your family and friends, knowing if they are suspected of having COVID-19 coronavirus, or have been exposed to someone who has it, they should postpone contact with you. Large crowds should be avoided because people who are ill may not understand the risk they pose to you.

“Home quarantine” is only recommended for people that have tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus or who have had close contact with a person who has tested positive. If you are advised to home quarantine, this guidance should be strictly followed as it means you are a risk to others, and should strictly stay at home for two full weeks. To quarantine at home means to eliminate any close contact with others. You should be confined to your home, unless there is a medical emergency. To prepare for this potential situation, make sure you have adequate supplies, including any critical medications. If you are concerned that you may not have your critical medications, please contact one of our staff who can help.

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