Should I go to the ER if I have COVID-19?

Video Transcript

If you’re experiencing significant symptoms like you’re short of breath, you can’t catch your breath if, you know, you’re worried then by all means you can go to the ER. But if you can, the ideal thing is for you not to go to the emergency room. The ideal thing is if you’re not feeling well, you should contact your primary care physician because the reality is, right now all the ER’s are going to be a bottleneck, right. And so, you really don’t want to go there because the treatment is going to be symptomatic and let me explain what that means. Right now, there is no proven method that we can say, “oh okay, we can treat you with this.” So, what they’re going to do is treat you symptomatically so if you’re not getting enough oxygen they’re going to give you oxygen. If you’re dehydrated, they’re going to give you IV fluids. And so, unless you absolutely need to go to the emergency room, you really should avoid going to emergency room. The first place you should really contact is your primary care physician.

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