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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring aids in-office visits by providing us with crucial daily health information from the comforts of your home. Call us at 830-730-8580 to learn more. For your convenience, you can also text our Patient Engagement Specialist at 830-251-4356 during normal business hours.

Easy to use devices and exceptional support

Remote Patient Monitoring creates a better healthcare experience. Advanced monitoring technology allow our clinic to view your daily vital signs electronically using Bluetooth enabled devices at home. These easy-to-use devices monitor your daily vitals such as weight, blood pressure, glucose, heart rate, and more. This data is then sent to us remotely so we can monitor your health and help you reach your goals.

How Remote Patient Monitoring works:

  1. We will suggest this service to you if we feel it will be beneficial to your health goals.
  2. If you’re ready to commit to our daily monitoring program, we will send a team to your home to help set up your devices and teach you how to use them.
  3. Via Bluetooth, our Remote Patient Monitoring devices will automatically begin submitting your health information to us every day.
  4. The devices transmit your information to our Secure Portal for safe storage.
  5. If the Portal notices inconsistencies or anything concerning about your health information, we will receive an alert.
  6. We will work with you to address the alert and ensure you are receiving proper medical attention or emergency services, if needed.


Together, we can help you establish your goals and work to achieve them.

Take Charge of Your Health!